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Three Hot Tips For Moms Considering Glitzy Beauty Pageants

Beauty pageants can be entertaining for small girls and their families. Girls get to dress up and strut their stuff. They learn poise, gain confidence and develop social skills in the milieu of beauty pageantry. These pageants also require a lot of time and effort on the part of the entire family. The hair must be perfect, the dress outstanding and these are the easy parts of getting ready for that first ultra-glitzy beauty pageant. All of this can be pretty intimidating given the caliber of the competitors the little darling will face. Keep these tips in mind before you even begin preparations.
1. Start Small
The idea of a beauty pageant is appealing to many mothers and daughters. Lot's of little girls think its fun to play dress up and prance about on a stage. Add to that the chance to wear a crown and win a trophy and the occasion becomes even more joyous. Be aware though that this kind of entertainment comes with a lot of work, usually more than anyone expected. There is an abundance of practice sessions and rehearsals involved in these high-powered pageants. Many entrants do one or two and call it quits.
Before investing real money and time in it, be sure this is something the two of you really enjoy and want to continue doing. Borrow a fancy dress or rent one and help your daughter learn a simple routine to perfection. If she enjoys herself at these pageants, you can begin to spend real money. In any case, the first pageant you enter should be all about fun, not winning. Winning comes later.
2. Bring a Friend
Especially in the beginning an extra pair of hands can be a godsend. Bring along an adult that both you and your daughter are comfortable with. This person can be the supervisor of wardrobe and supplies. Pageants attract dozens of little girls and their family members. Things can and do get lost in the chaos and having someone around to immediately replace lost (or forgotten) items can be a huge relief.
When it's time to get ready, it's all hands on deck. Makeup time is one of the most important times to have an extra set of hands. Have you ever tried putting mascara on a four year-old? You'll most certainly want someone there to keep her distracted and still. Your helper can also make a big difference during the pageant itself while you're backstage. Have your helper stand behind the judges; this will help your little girl know where to focus. If she forgets where to walk, they can also help direct her using arm motions.
3. Don't Lose Your Cool
The main reason beauty pageants have a bad reputation is the stressed out parental figures involved. An aggressive nagging parent only manages to upset and frustrate their child. Judges are onto this and can tell easily if the child doesn't really want to be there and compete. For the sake of your child, calm down, take a few deep breaths and show your daughter you are calm. She will remain as calm as you are.
Focus on the fun of the pageant. If it's your first, make sure you really talk up the fun of participating. Your daughter probably won't win the first time, and that's okay. Praise her for participating, comment on how well she walked and how pretty her smile was. Let her know how proud you are of her for competing.
If you're setting out for your first pageant, good luck! Remember that full glitz pageants are a whole new world. It's easy to get overwhelmed, so just stay calm and enjoy yourself. Help your daughter stay positive and focused. Think of the wonderful self-confidence your daughter is going to gain from doing pageants!

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